Performance Layer
Solid 2mm rubber wear layer requiring no finishes or coatings Engineered to exceed coefficient of friction standards for athletic performance
Load disbursement layer
Provides reinforcement against bleachers, tables and chairs Generates proper force reduction giving the athlete proper foot support and stability
Comfort Layer
Deforming geometries improves product deflection, resulting in optimum shock absorption and energy return Vulcanized rubber will not compress or break down over time
Manufactured with dual durometer layers, which are calandered and vulcanized together.
The top layer is non-porous. It provides slip-resistance, elasticity, foot traction and durability.
The bottom layer consists of shock absorption layer engineered for confort, safety and provides protection against heavy impact.
*Class 1 fire code rating
*Antibacterial and antimicrobial throughout
*Slip resistant - ADA compliant
*Outstanding sound absorption properties