•Engineered with an adjusted coefficient of friction to accommodate sports requiring a high level of pivot movements
• The tessellation pattern improves ball bounce performance for tennis applications
• The formulation enhances the product's ability to withstand heavy traffic and abuse in multipurpose settings
• Deforming geometries provides enhanced vertical deflection and improved lateral support, increasing both shock absorption and energy return
• Use of proprietary equipment and vulcanization process ensure that bio-mechanical and physical properties will remain consistent over the product's useful life/br> • Durability - no granules breaking away underfoot, ensuring consistent traction, safety and athletic performance.
• Safety – Even wet, the surface not only exceeds all IAAF but also meets ADA requirements and is MRSA resistant.
Like anything of value and longevity, quality construction begins from the bottom up with a sound foundation. The patented hexagonal 720 design is the driving engine which allows the deforming geometries of the backing to harness the rudimentary laws of physics, providing both comfort and speed simultaneously, unlike any other layer in the history of track & field.
• Comfort - generated from the hexagonal cushion of air, the same principles of which most athletic footwear is based upon.
• Speed - generated in two ways - first: during each step, the force gained and not dissipated, transitions from the 5th metatarsus to the 1st metatarsus faster with the hexagonal backing than any other track surface. Simtaneously, the air charged hexagons and encapsulated microcells are the driving force for energy return. This is a proven mechanical advantage for the athlete.