A solid understructure is the foundation of any telescopic system, and Irwin Seating leads the way in overall performance
with the Model 4500 system. This telescopic understructure is designed for heavy use facilities and has been
used successfully in many major university and arena venues. The system is highlighted by its outstanding support
roller system located at the deck support and cantilever locations. This and the many other details shown below
ensure safe, smooth and consistent operation.
The Integral Drive System or IDS friction power system is uniquely designed to apply the operating forces directly
to the first operating row of understructure for efficient and consistent operation. Our drive system is designed to
include heavy-duty components for low maintenance costs and long life cycle value. The IDS is completely shrouded
and U.L. listed for overall safety.
Wall Attached Units:

Wall Attached units is the most common operational
type. Units are anchored at a minimum of
two locations and open toward the event area
while stacking against the wall in a minimal space.

Recessed Units:

These units are stored beneath a balcony or concourse
level and utilize a special designed linkage
that allows the system to clear the recess and
open for normal use.

Forward or Reverse-Fold Units:

Often used in balconies or to separate a gym into
two areas for class, these units allow for additional
floor space behind the bleacher when closed. With
the first row anchored to the floor, the unit travels
in a rearward direction when opening.