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Mondo Advance Gymnasium Flooring


As the world’s leading manufacturer of vulcanized rubber flooring, Mondo continues to develop innovative technological solutions to maximize athletic performance. Mondo’s vulcanization process permanently amalgamates individual layers of rubber, using high heat and pressure; the
product will never separate, and its biomechanical and physical properties will be consistent. Each vulcanized layer offers individual characteristics and benefits.


German company BSW Regupol changed the fitness world forever when it invented the technology to recycle tires into rubber flooring 65 years ago. Today, Regupol America uses that German engineering and experience to transform the cleanest raw materials into recycled rubber sports flooring. Regupol is always looking to keep innovation at the forefront of athletic performance.


Grabo is one of the world’s largest independent flooring manufacturer’s with over 110 years of experience.  Through extensive R&D Grabo has developed unique technologies and production processes to meet the constantly changing needs of the flooring market.  

Irwin Top of Page Pic - Van Buren High School


Irwin Seating is a family owned company with over 100 years’ experience creating comfortable, stylish and reliable seating.  Irwin still manufactures products in the United States.  They recognize the importance of stewardship and strive to provide products that are virtually maintenance free, engineered to the highest standards and made from raw material that pass the industry’s most stringent tests.