Grabo is one of the world’s largest independent flooring manufacturer’s with over 110 years of experience.  Through extensive R&D Grabo has developed unique technologies and production processes to meet the constantly changing needs of the flooring market.    

Grabo Vinyl Sport Flooring


GraboSport foam backed vinyl athletic flooring is designed to provide optimal force reduction for comfort and safety. Their revolutionary, patented wear layer technologies ensure durability and easy maintenance. Food and drink spills are no problem for this multi-purpose sports flooring product. Available in solid colors and wood grain patterns for a hardwood sports floor look.

  • Mega 10 mm thickness
  • Extreme 8 mm thickness 
  • Supreme 6.7 mm thickness  
  • Prima 4.5 mm thickness 
  • Stamina 2 mm thickness 
  • 6’ 7” wide rolls   

GraboSport Product Brochure 


Grabo Commercial Vinyl Flooring

Silver Knight

Sliver Knight is the most hygienic vinyl sheet flooring on the market.  By using nano-silver and titanium dioxide in the wear layer, Grabo has created a self-disinfected flooring product that destroys and decomposes bacteria, fungi and viruses.  This revolutionary nano-technology is combined with a TechSurface wear layer to provide a floor with excellent wear resistance and easy maintenance.  

  • Silver Knight Diamond Tech 2 mm thickness 
  • Silver Knight Acoustic 3.2 mm thickness 
  • GraboSafe Silver Knight 2 mm thickness 
  • 6’ 7” wide rolls 

Grabo Silver Knight Brochure 


Fortis is a non-directional, homogenous vinyl sheet good with high abrasion resistance and low residual indentation, making it great for medical applications.  The iGuard polyurethane surface reinforcement ensures easy cleaning and durability with no additional surface treatment required for the life of the product.

  • 2mm thickness 
  • 6’ 7” wide rolls 

Grabo Fortis Brochure 


PlankIT luxury vinyl plank flooring is manufactured with phthalate free technology.  Some beneficial properties include water resistance and sound insulation. The iGuard PUR protective coating ensures low maintenance and no additional surface treatment required for the life of the product.

  • 2.5 mm thickness 
  • 7.28” x 48” plank size

Grabo Plank It Brochure