As the world’s leading manufacturer of vulcanized rubber flooring, Mondo continues to develop innovative technological solutions to maximize athletic performance. Mondo’s vulcanization process permanently amalgamates individual layers of rubber, using high heat and pressure; the
product will never separate, and its biomechanical and physical properties will be consistent. Each vulcanized layer offers individual characteristics and benefits.

Mondo Advance

Advanced is established as the most durable multipurpose gymnasium surface in the industry. This multi-layer vulcanized rubber product is designed to provide optimal conditions for basketball and volleyball play while holding up to abuse from multipurpose activities including the use of tables and chairs.

  • 3-layer Advance Vulcanized (8mm, 10mm and 12mm) for greater shock absorption
  • 2-layer Advance New Generation (4mm, 6mm and 8mm) lower cost option for multi-purpose spaces.
  • Non-porous rubber wear layer. Never requires wax or floor finishes

Mondo Advance Product Sheet

Mondo Sport Impact

Mondo’s premium weight and skate resistant flooring with unsurpassed resistance to abrasions, tears and impacts. It’s non-porous rubber wear layer is easy to clean and can help to prevent the spread of infections such as staph and MRSA.

  • 10mm and 18mm thickness for weight rooms where impact resistance is a function of the floor
  • 6mm thickness for locker rooms, sports medicine areas and ice arenas
  • 6 ft wide rolls or 3’ x 3’ tiles

Mondo Sport Impact Product Sheet

Mondo Ramflex

Ramflex is engineered for weight and skate resistance. It withstands static loads of weights and cardio equipment while providing shock absorption and dimensional stability. It is the staple surface for any fitness space

  • 10mm thickness for weight rooms and group exercise.
  • 6mm thickness for cardio, locker rooms, sports medicine and ice arenas
  • 6 ft wide rolls or 3’ x 3’ tiles
  • Low cost of ownership

Mondo Ramflex Product Sheet

Mondo Super X Performance

Mondo’s legendary prefabricated vulcanized rubber track surface with the highly acclaimed top layer and waffle backing. This track surfaces is designed for speed! It also helps athletes to train without injury by providing consistent biomechanical and physical properties over the entire track.

  • 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm and 13.5 mm thicknesses
  • 3 ft to 5 ft 6 in wide roll
  • Ability to create alternating lane colors, without painted lane lines

Mondo Super X Performance Product Sheet

Mondo Sportflex M

Mondo Sporflex M is the ideal surface for multi-sport activities such as jogging, basketball, volleyball, baseball and tennis. This prefabricated and vulcanized track surface has less texture than it’s Mondo Super X but provides an ideal coefficient of friction for both indoor and outdoor use.

  • 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm and 13.5mm thicknesses
  • 3 ft to 6 ft wide rolls
  • Ability to create alternating lane colors, without painted lane lines

Mondo Sporflex M Product Sheet