German company BSW Regupol changed the fitness world forever when it invented the technology to recycle tires into rubber flooring 65 years ago. Today, Regupol America uses that German engineering and experience to transform the cleanest raw materials into recycled rubber sports flooring. Regupol is always looking to keep innovation at the forefront of athletic performance.

Regupol AktivPro Roll

AktivPro Roll has become the new standard for high-performance training. This thick, two-layer recycled rubber flooring system provides the necessary durability to withstand extreme impacts of barbell training while also providing stable footing and extra cusion for comfort under foot. Virtually seamless and the thickness and density are customizable to meet different training needs.

  • 4’ wide rolls 
  • 9/16” to 1 1/8” custom thickness available 
  • 30 standard colors 

Regupol AktivPro Roll Brochure

Regupol Aktivpro Tile

Aktivpro Tile is a two-layer, 1″ thick tile that provides great shock absorption for heavy lifting. The individual tiles are pinned together with an interlocking dowel system and do not have to be bonded to the subfloor.

  • 24” x 24” tiles
  • 1” thickness 
  • 17 standard colors 

Regupol AktivPro Brochure

Regupol Aktiv

Regupol invented the advanced manufacturing process that takes recycled tire rubber and creates extremely dense, resilient and wear resistant sports flooring. Their flagship product, Aktiv is the standard for recycled rubber weight room flooring and holds up to cleats and ice skates in locker rooms.

  • 48” wide rolls 
  • 3/8”, 5/16” and ¼” thickness 
  • 28 standard colors 

Regupol Aktiv Brochure


Regupol AktivLok

The same performance of Regupol Aktiv in an interlocking tile that can be loose laid rather than glued to a subfloor.

  • 24” x 24” interlocking tiles 
  • 3/8” thickness 
  • 5 standard colors 

Regupol AktivLok Brochure

Regupol AktivPlus

AktivPlus was designed to withstand the intensity of high performance training. This material is 25% thicker than Regupol Aktiv for added stability and impact resistance.

  • 48” wide rolls 
  • ½” thickness 
  • 11 standard colors 

Regupol AktivPlus Brochure


Regupol Kombi

Designed for indoor and outdoor use, the Regupol Kombi provides high traction for athletes. The two-layer multipurpose sports surface acts as cushion for running tracks, training and ball sports. 

  • 4’ wide rolls 
  • 3/8” thickness 
  • 4 standard colors 

Regupol Kombi Brochure


Regupol Revolution

Regupol Revolution is made from a post-industrial EPDM rubber and 100% post-consumer tire rubber. This commercial flooring product is one of the most environmentally responsible choices. Not only is it highly durable and slip resistant, but it also has exceptional styling and color combinations.

  • 48” wide rolls 
  • 5/32” thickness 
  • 46 standard colors 

Regupol Revolution Brochure