Gymnasium Flooring

Choosing the right gymnasium flooring can be a daunting task.  While hardwood is a common choice for competition basketball floors, it might not be the best solution for a multipurpose gym.  Factors to consider when choosing a gymnasium flooring product include performance characteristics, durability, and ongoing maintenance. At Performance Surfaces, we offer a wide variety of rubber, vinyl and wood gym flooring products to meet the needs of any facility. Let our team of experts help you select the right fit for your gymnasium.

Mondo Advance

Mondo Advance vulcanized rubber athletic flooring is considered the most durable multi-purpose gymnasium flooring product in the industry.  Mondo’s vulcanization process permanently binds multiple layers of rubber, each with individual characteristics and benefits.  The result is a system that offers the ultimate combination of shock absorption, energy return and ball bounce while holding up to heavy loads from bleachers, tables, and chairs.  The non-porous rubber wear layer is easy to maintain and requires no finishes or coatings.

GraboSport foam backed vinyl athletic flooring is designed to provide optimal force reduction for comfort and safety. Their revolutionary, patented wear layer technologies ensure durability and easy maintenance. Food and drink spills are no problem for this multi-purpose sports flooring product. Available in solid colors and wood grain patterns for a hardwood sports floor look.        

Regupol Aktiv 

Regupol Aktiv recycled rubber flooring can provide a simple and cost-effective solution for multipurpose gyms.   Made from recycled tire rubber, this product provides extreme durability and can be dressed up with different colors and concentrations of EPDM color flecks.  It is even available in loose laid interlocking tiles for those who wish to install the flooring themselves. 

Junckers Hardwood 

More than 80 years of experience in the hardwood flooring industry has given Junckers the technical expertise to design and produce innovative sports flooring systems, and high quality solid hardwood flooring. Junckers Winning Sports Floor Solutions are ideal for all types of athletic activities, from multi-use gymnasium and dance floors, to Olympic venues. Junckers is the recognized leader in solid hardwood sports floor systems all over the world.

Junckers Hardwood sports floors are designed for quick installation, usually about 1/3 of the time compared to other solid hardwood options.  Their innovative Clip System floors offer the lowest profile of any solid hardwood sprung floor at only ¾” to 1 ¼” total thickness.    

Junckers Clip System Brochure