Locker Room Flooring

Locker rooms must be kept sanitary and in many cases the flooring must be able to withstand heavy abuse from cleats or ice skates.  Areas where cleats and ice skates are worn require a durable, cut resistant surface that can also handle water and mud that gets tracked in.  Selecting the proper flooring for your locker room can help prevent premature wear and even prevent the spread of infections.  Allow our team of experts to help you select the proper flooring for your facility.     


Mondo Sport Impact and Mondo Ramflex vulcanized rubber flooring products are designed for maximum cut resistance to withstand heavy traffic from cleats and ice skates.  The non-porous rubber wear layer is naturally anti-bacterial and antimicrobial. It can help to prevent the spread of infections such as staph and MRSA.  The 6mm thickness of Mondo Sport Impact and Ramflex is ideal for locker rooms and ice arenas.   


Regupol Aktiv recycled rubber flooring is made from recycled tire rubber. It is ultra durable and has great slip resistance. This combined with affordable pricing make Regupol Aktiv a great flooring choice for locker rooms, ice arenas, baseball dugouts, ski resorts, golf facilities – any facility where durable flooring is needed. 


Grabo commercial vinyl flooring products offer revolutionary wear layer technologies that provide excellent wear resistance and help to maintain a sanitary environment.  Grabo SilverKnight is a self-disinfecting vinyl floor that kills and destroys bacteria, fungi and viruses. Grabo Fortis is a homogenous vinyl product designed for abrasion and dent resistance.