Weight Room Flooring

Weight room flooring is designed to withstand extreme impacts from heavy weights. Selecting the right product and layout can help to maximize your performance training space. The proper surface can help to protect your athletes as well as the weight equipment and subfloor. We offer a wide range of weight room flooring options for all levels of athletic performance and budgets.  Our weight room flooring products can be customized with inlaid platforms, multi-color patterns and logos.


Mondo vulcanized rubber weight room flooring products are designed to provide impact resistance and cut resistance to stand up to the most intense weight lifting programs.  The non-porous wear layer makes Mondo weight room flooring products easy to clean and helps to prevent the spread of infections such as staph and MRSA. 

For decades Mondo 10mm Sport Impact and Ramflex have been the choice for many high end athletic facilities looking to separate themselves from the pack. To raise the bar even higher Mondo 18mm Sport Impact Hybrid and custom variations are now available for maximum impact resistance and cushion under foot.     


Regupol Aktiv recycled rubber flooring, made from recycled tire rubber offers a simple and cost-effective solution for any weight room.  It is available in various thicknesses as well as rolled goods or interlocking tiles.   

Regupol AktivPro takes recycled rubber flooring to the next level.  Designed for high-performance training facilities, this two layer recycled rubber flooring system provides maximum impact resistance and has become the choice for many top collegiate and professional teams.  Available in easy to install tiles or virtually seamless rolled goods.